Sometimes I take showers just for something to do and I don't actually bathe myself.

I sit inside the shower for twenty minutes and then I get out and lay in my bed in a towel and wish I could take another shower.

I live in a desert.

This is probably a metaphor for my personal relationships.

I stole the box cutter from work two months ago but I still haven't used it.


Ants can smoke joints

5000 times their size


Finally get out of bed at 1:57 AM to make myself food that I said I was going to make 14 hours ago. Walk to fridge. Sigh. Grab another beer. Sigh. Walk back to room.


i am trying to quit smoking so i downloaded an app
and that app asked how many packs of cigarettes I smoke a day
and the list went from
to 24

who smokes a pack of cigarettes an hour?

is that even possible?

should i try it?


Elijah Pearson lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania