On God and EMTs

I wonder what a paramedic thinks when he’s zipping up a case he couldn't save. Is there a specific thought that touches his cerebral everyday a life is lost? 

They see it all, don't they? 

A young boy drowns in a nearby river. His first and last kiss was CPR being administered upon him. His cold hands are stiff. His lips are blue. 

“Oxygen, we need oxygen!”

A wayward high school student takes their first sniff of what they thought was blow and can’t handle it. A reluctant party goer dials 911. An ambulance arrives and she's hurriedly wheeled off to the vehicle. She’s losing her grip. The heart monitor sings a funeral songs as the line goes stiff. 

“Quick, jumpstart! do something!”

One mistake should not cost your life, but it does. 

Who in God’s name invented bad luck? I want to know.

A mom with two kids is crossing the street on her to way to work as a young driver doesn't see the “Yield to Pedestrians” sign and knocks her flat. The pavement isn’t a pillow. Cracked skull on top of bloody business clothes. Her eyes roll back. A crowd gathers. 

“Save her!” 

Savor her.

Her blood pools in the middle of a suburban street. 


Dylan Thomas lives in Ringgold, Georgia