forest fire courtney leblanc


 In order to promote healthy growth the National Park  Service periodically conducts controlled burns in  Redwood forests.

 I have a Redwood growing                                            out of my chest, a towering mass                                    of bark and leaves, older                                              than a millennia. It reaches                                        toward sunlight, aches for water                                  and your touch.                                                                  I am too wild, too rugged                                    wilderness, too much. When you light                              a match I lean toward the hiss                                      and pop. It climbs the dry bark,                                  racing to the top, leaves                                              and hair exploding in flame,                                          the colors lighting up the forest                                    inside me. You stand watching                                      me burn.


*The first line of the poem was inspired by the poem Operation: Get Down by Alex Lemon


Courtney LeBlanc lives in Arlington, va